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“It is so sweet to you that you were arranged that I could also fly on business class,” Karina said thankfully, “it’s a long trip to Singapore and we’ll just be fresh for tomorrow!”. We had just saved our cabin by the road and the flight attendant came up with a refreshment. Champagne, mmm.

I am head of department in a medium-sized Danish company and Karina is the manager of our procurement department. The position as a manager does not warrant a ticket on business, according to the personnel manual, unless special circumstances apply. I had asked the secretary to upgrade Karina when we were discussing the last thing in place before we met with our Singaporean supplier tomorrow. We chilled champagne and talked about loosely and firmly. Karina and I had negotiated with different companies for the past three months and now the time had come to see them in the eyes and drink in the fence together – asian style …

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“No, I can not drink so much alcohol,” said Karina, “I’m just getting cold.” “Well, I do not want to do anything about it,” I replied with a glimpse of the eye. Besides being a total hot and classy girl, there was also a little girl in Karina. The Slavic roots did not deny themselves. Dark brown, long hair, deep dark brown eyes, super slim without being bony, small tight ass in tight jeans and small busty breasts under the blunt sweater, I would later experience. I do not know if it was by chance, but she just had to check if she had switched off the phone that was in her bag in the trunk just above me – and stretched up so I had a free look at her tight stomach skin. I could not die and breathe her in the navel. “Hey, you!” She smiled, “did you see something good?”. “Too little”, I smiled back. Our eyes sustained each other’s; no words necessary.

Karina is in the midst of the thieves and has, as previously suggested, a goddess body. I myself am in the middle of the eighteenth century and clearly have a “office call” – ie thin arms and big stomachs – too little exercise and physical work and too many dinners with good red wine. Karina had just told me she and her boyfriend tried to make children and got married in a couple of months. She sighed, “but it’s hard to make children when you’re not so much together.” He was apparently often gone in the evening at work.

The rest of the trivialities of the trip, as well as the meeting with the supplier, should not be reproduced here. But in the evening, it was time for us to drink. There was a table at a bar in the old quarter and drinks came flying at a great speed when our host raised his arm. As always, Karina looked amazing in her short, but classy skirt and lowered shirt. At the same time very stylish and naughty.

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The clock nevertheless hits many times before we arrive in a taxi towards our hotel and we are both tired after a long day and do not say much about the backseat. Pages only and stones. I must have fallen because I wake up suddenly and find out that Karina is sitting and hugging me and laying my head on my shoulder – but what’s worse: I have my right hand clasped between her thighs … I’m desperately trying to devise all possible scenarios, how to get rid of the awkward situation, but reassure myself that she is asleep so I have some time yet. I’m trying to trick her hand, but it’s not easy, as her legs are well-gathered. She mumbles something in her sleep and turns a little in the seat. My hand is now so close to her pussy that I can feel the fabric and through it, her camel toe. Heck it up! If you have the key to the gazebo, why not try the key fits? I gently began to move the elder around her clit and quite quickly the pants became damp. She moved a little back into the seat and moaned slightly while continuing my gentle massage.

The taxi was now on our way to our hotel and I got my hand out of her now not so tight thigh and shortly after she woke up. “Hov, are we already at home?” – “I just had such a crazy dream,” she said with a cheeky eye in the eye. I paid the taxi and we walked into the hotel and into the elevator. My suggestion of a liquor drink was politely rejected, as she said, “I’ll go on and dream on.”

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The next day we went to the office and greeted our colleagues and got some work out of hand, but at lunch, Karina had a locked one of our Danish colleagues who had been stationed as an expat to showcase the right shopping places in Singapore – so the two Toser went to eat lunch and shop. But before that, Karina and I agreed that we should eat together in the evening, as it was the last night we had in Singapore. I booked a table at Marina Bay Sands – first for a “before dinner drink” in the lounge, located on the 57th floor, with stunning views of the city and all the ships that anchors Singapore. Then for dinner at the French restaurant – now the company card would be used!

I went back to the hotel and got me a bath and a fresh shirt on and sat down in the hotel bar to wait for Karina. When she appeared a little later, I was pleased to sit by the bar, as my jaw would otherwise have hit the floor with a bang. Shut up, where she looked totally sexy! Her thin body was halfway covered by a tight-haired, red-haired dress with thin straps and deep cut in front – and even deeper at the back. It was very clear that she did not have bra and I also doubted she was wearing panties – I could not really see some markings on her lovely body, even though I looked carefully. Her long dark hair hung loose and she smiled at me and once turned around on the high heeled shoes that had strings that crossed her lap. “What do you say?” She asked. “I say: Wauuw!

We had a drink before we decided to go the relatively short way to Marina Bay Sands. Relatively, because the high humidity in Singapore causes you to sweat a lot, and therefore stays in air-conditioned rooms. It was, as always, warm and damp outside, even though the evening was about to show itself. On my way there, I could not help noticing all the greedy eyes sent to Karina, and the envy to me. Sigh! Just walking next to her could next give me satisfaction, but I was already looking forward to seeing how her breasts reacted when we got into the aircon again. Indeed! Inside the noticeably colder area, one could immediately see her nipples straining behind the thin fabric. It was so spicy in a way, it’s hard to describe and I enjoyed it.

It became a few colorful drinks more up in the lounge, on top of the amazing building. It is probably the best view of Singapore you can get – and with the dark that had fallen on, with the background, there was a magnificent backdrop for our evening together. The colored drinks had gradually made Karina in a good mood and the talk began to become a bit more liberated. “Did you smell your fingers tonight?” She asked suddenly. “What do you mean?”, I tried to evade. “You really know what I mean!” You were not so crazy to start massaging my clit, I did not count on it. ” She looked at me as if she was looking at the innermost of my eyes. “As you fell asleep in the taxi, your hand slid down and I put it over my thighs to see your reaction when you woke up. I’d figured you’d be freaked out and embarrassed, but you just started to rub so I got horny! “” I was dad. She was indeed a girl with many facets. I tried to shoot again: “The fingers On the other hand, actually, a little cold freezing. “She laughed,” yes, it’s goin ‘with you. Let’s go in and have something to eat. ”

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We ordered the food and I found a good pinotage from South Africa that was poured up – and we chilled. “I think you have a big dick,” she said, “does it fit?”. The tone was laid, this could develop! “I think you have a tight pussy,” I replied, “does it fit?”. “It’s so small and nice and tight that you will not stay for two minutes!” She said drilsk. “And my cock is so big you can not cheer over it,” I fired back. The food was served and we cheated on good cooperation – but it would be a closer cooperation than I’d ever dreamed of …

The wine worked on our drinks and we talked about anything but work. At one point our feet accidentally hit each other under the table, and she begins to rub her foot up my leg. “My little tight pussy has been completely upset by all the naughty talk”, almost whisper Karina, “I have to go out and play a little with it on the toilet.” “You can just play a little with this at the table,” I suggested, “that’s when nobody discovers”. She looked at me with an intense look and let her hands slide under the table. She let herself slide on the chair and while she held my gaze, she began to masturbate. It was a very horny moment. It was time for me to take control if this did not run out of order and it would end up being thrown out on ass and elbows. ” Stop! “I definitely said,” Give me your hands, “I said, pulling my over the table. She obeyed and put my hands in. I bowed over the table and sniffed them – mmm!” I think we Must have a bill and home in the hotel, so you can have dessert there, “I said with a smile.” Oh yes! Let’s hurry, “she said,” I need that! ”

I paid and we went. On the way down the elevator she stood close to me and I listed her husband in her wet pussy from behind. The thumb was playing a little with her anus. I let the guy circle a little about her clit – and then we were down. We went out and across the waterfront on our way home to the hotel. She suddenly stopped and stood in front of me and pushed her index finger into my chest. “We just have to agree on one thing, Mr Vice President,” she said. “What’s happening in Singapore, stay in Singapore – and when we’re home again, we’re regular colleagues again”. “You are so shy and I really want to get the brain out, but I do not want to change some of the conditions I have at home – so it’s forbidden to fall in love or think we’ll have to hit several times than last night.

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We went the rest of the way hand in and into the hotel. On the way up into the elevator we dumbed heavily and I had a good grip on her little fixed balls. She trembled my pussy without pants and it was a while the zipper could still hold on to the pressure! Inside the room, I was asked to put myself in the armchair and she sat in the middle of the floor in front of me with slightly scattered legs and hands in the side. She pierced me with her intense look and smiled cheekily. “Tell me what you want to do about me,” she ordered. “You’re my luxury trap for tonight,” it smelled of me. I do not know where it came from, but it had the desired effect. “You must do exactly what I say because I paid you for it. You have to service me and your sole purpose is to satisfy me. If you are doing well, may it be that I will take care of you too – but only if you obey 100% and I’m an experienced and horny luxury trap. “She nodded.” It usually makes me decide, “she said,” but I’ll do my best. Otherwise you have to punish me. “She was still there with a cheeky blink in the eye and hands in the side. It was like a dream this. A wet dream!

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“Take off your dress,” I ordered. She crossed her arms and raised her skirt over her head in a snap and stood there, absolutely naked, except her shoes with the long strings up her legs. Completely smooth and with the little firm breasts, brilliant welcoming right at me. A trimmed and slender, flattering body that was unseen by sex. “Come to me, spread your legs a little more and play with yourself,” I demanded. Karina obeyed and as an experienced performer, she began to nip her nipples and let her fingers wander over her lovely body. She moistened her long-time husband and started working her clit. She stood with eyes closed and enjoyed it! “Put some silent music over”, I demanded, and she went to the plant and bent down to serve it-with stretched legs and trembling straight to me. I became even more horny of sight and got up. She came to me and I caught her in a tight grip on the waist, let my hands wander down on the balls and pulled her in to me and kissed her slowly. I turned her around so she stood with her back to me and I enjoyed her firm little breasts in my hands carefully gently nipple the nipples so they stretched happily and let my high hand slide down over her stomach and down to the slippery pussy where The long man quickly found out that there was absolutely no need for butter …

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She turned around and started opening my belt, but she whispered that “now she would see what I was saving.” In a snap she also pushed my pants up and let them fall on the floor while grabbing my cock outside the underpants. I grabbed her hands and said, “Stop! You’re my headless and it’s me who decides: You have not been told to take off my pants, so now I have to punish you!” I could look at the surprise in her eyes that she was not used to being counted like that. “Down on all four,” I said, walking down a chair and putting it on with a growing cock in the underpants. “And now you crawl to me,” I demanded. She obeyed. “Take off my socks”. Again she obeyed. “Lay over my knees, She moaned a little. Smack! One more. And one more … She moaned a little. Smack! One more. And one more …

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Friends, I have come with Nisha for my sex story, my sister-in-law and my lesbian actress. My mother-in-law is very sexy and hot.

I am a resident of Bareilly, I am 37 years old and my husband is in the army, due to which I am disturbed by sex. My figure is 36 34 38 My daughter is 18 years old, Nand is 26 years old and mother-in-law is 59 years old.

It was 8 years ago when my mother-in-law was 51 years old and figure 36 c 34 is 38 and my 34 b 32 is 38. I was 29 years old. We both are very sexy in appearance.
I’m going to tell you how sex started with mother-in-law.

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After the death of my father-in-law, my mother-in-law was very unhappy. One day after the death of the father-in-law, my mother-in-law was watching the XX movie on TV in her room at 1 am and laying her bed on the bed.
I saw it all through the window when I came out of the bathroom with piss and saw my senses that my mother-in-law is watching all this xxx.

Nothing happened that day and I went to sleep in my room.

The next day I thought that today I will see them doing sex. To see all of this completely, I pulled out the chair from the window which I had placed near the window, I put it out, opened the window’s snake and closed the window.
I shut down the lights of my room and lay down.

My mother-in-law was alone when I saw inside, that night my mother-in-law had put a xxx movie and was watching. She started pouring out a plastic cocks in her pussy and started taking her out in the house.

Only then did I see that a girl who would be around 25 years of age, got out of the bathroom and climbed to my mother-in-law, took off their clothes, gradually made her naked and herself also became naked and both of them Kish started.

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And then the naked girl started licking my naked mother-in-law’s pussy. After sometime my mother-in-law left the water and she started licking. Then the mother-in-law sucked her pussy, both of her pussy clit and the plastic cocks in each other’s pussy.
This game lasted approximately twenty-three hours.

I was also convinced that my pussy is a lick. I quickly went to the bathroom, took a sari, pulled a penny and kept my hand on the pussy, my fingers went inside the pussy and rubbed the pussy in the mirror. My pussy just got rubbed with pink.
And then in the end I got fiddled with coconut filling.
Then I went to my room and then I started to think about who was the girl whom I had seen for the first time.

After some time the voice of the gate opened and the girl got out and heard the sound of running the scooter and she left. Then the mother-in-law came to my room and started seeing that there was no world.
And then went to his room and slept and I slept too.

The next morning I got up and started doing my work then I saw that my mother-in-law is in the bathroom, she went to bed. Then I went to my mother-in-law’s room, there I looked around and did not show anything. Then I opened her closet and saw that the plastic was kept in the coffin.

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I was seeing that suddenly my mother-in-law came out of the bathroom and saw me holding a plastic loin and said, “What are you doing here?” And what is it in your hand? Why did you have my closet opened?
And began to ask a lot of questions.

I bid – this has come out of your closet. And you have seen me having sex with a girl at night.
He was stunned after hearing this and said – Have you seen him?
I said – Yes, that girl stayed at home for two hours and had sex with you!

Upon hearing this, my mother-in-law started looking at me and said- what should I do, I have a lot of desire to have sex, since I have passed I could not have sex due to which all this had to be done. And I bid – no problem!
Then I went ahead and pulled his towel, my mother-in-law was completely naked. Their milk was hanging but the mats were absolutely … I looked down, but the pussy was clean like just clearing the pussy’s hair.
I stuck to them, I grabbed their thick fat bum and started pressing. Only then did I put my hand on my pussy, after touching her pussy, I was making diarrhea so late?
Then my mother-in-law said- Yes!
I quote from my mother-in-law- My life, I am also, will not you sex me?

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They grabbed me tightly after hearing this and I tasted their lips and they also started tightening me by holding me tightly.
I dropped my mother-in-law on the bed, then she removed my sari, petticoats, blouse, bra, pants.
I was naked for the first time in front of them.

I climbed over my mother-in-law and started to tease again, she also started doing kissing me.
Then I came to her pussy and started licking her pussy. After licking his pussy for a long time, he left the water so much that just as the XXX did in the movie, some water was in my mouth and some water was so full of fun on my face … very fun.
And my mother-in-law is silly- I am falling in despair.
Saying it went down. I cleaned my mother’s pussy with a lick.

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After some time my mother-in-law got up, I got more fun than night- now I have come here!
By saying this, she broke on my pussy and saw the pussy and said, ‘You are like me, your pussy has become very rosy, she started dropping water.’ My son is on the border for 2 months. What do you do for the peace of your baby Nisha?
I said – I work only with finger and rubbing is done, but the time is spent in the fall, the pussy has to rub for a long time.

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He licked my pussy for a long time and inserted plastic cocks and then I also shouted loudly like my mother-in-law.
And my pussy hit me from the foil and I made a CC CC and got burnt. My mother-in-law cleaned my pussy with my tongue.

We hung the naked and put the legs in each other’s legs and lie down.

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Then I asked my mother-in-law who was that night girl?
Then he told that he had called him on rent and he would also come tonight. Will you also have sex with him?
I even did yes

That night, we all had sex together at night also. That night 4 times I flashed and 4 times my mother-in-law and that girl showered 3 times
Since then, my mother-in-law began to have sex every day, enjoying licking and cheating on her pussy everyday, we both started living in the same room, so that both of us could have sex everyday!

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The summer spent some awkward moments with my living life. He obviously lacks, but the bed work does not matter, I should say goodbye. He is a little young compared to me, so I take it for what it is. Small short naughty meetings with lovely sex. I know he disappears quickly if I start to suggest our relationship develops. So I’m happy with the tastes of his delicious young body. The taste of his body’s sweetness. His hard cock in his mouth. The hands of his ass. His slightly sweating strong torso. The delicious brown limbs.
The delicious feeling of being filled out by a young virile cock sitting on a persistent guy is shown close to the essence of the trick. But feelings are missing. He’s sweet enough when he’s horny, afterwards I feel a little overlooked … Missy but superficial.
Naturally, I’m looking for adventure somewhere else. A more grown person in my intimacy.
I’m not quite unfamiliar with bowling with girls. I’ve written that before and my appetite for a little girl’s love is always latent.
I have started chatting with a woman online. Lovely Hanne at 44. Separated with a couple of adult children. We can always find a topic and many nights we ignored the TV and sat with each of our tablets and shared our worlds. We went over to facetime and it began to be sluggish, more than once she called up while I was sitting and lunking in evacostume. It gave some – interesting moments. Always with disgusting smile when she questioned me about my nudity. None of us have concealed that we are quite bisexual, I have always felt that she had not let the fruit of life hang on the tree.

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I always get upset during and after our cyber meetings. She is witty and charming, sex with lush curves, blacked xvideos with summer frogs. Big vilter red curls are an eternal weakness I have. I have often told her, and she always laughs so sweet of my compliments.
We found a weekend where we could finally meet with all the senses. My palms sweated and my knees yielded excitement. She had instructed me where to get off the bus, so she wanted to pick me up. Easy enough. I was so excited about the meeting with her. Things like scent and radiance do not feel like a chat. I have always been skinless honestly in our meetings, and she has also not kept anything back. So we already knew each other quite well before our meeting.

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I stood by the bus in front of the church in the small town closest to her home. Right deserted village. Saturday morning was not used to sledding on the main street. There was a lot of space at the bus stop, the bus drove on and I let the gaze go around on the small square. There she stood, close to the battlefield dike around the cemetery. Dressed in desert boots, jeans and sweater. The blacked xvideos blazed in the light wind. Her face radiated only joy and expectation. I met her with my little briefcase.

She gave a quick tour, two of the rooms Hanne lived alone and had no home-grown children so she decided. It was pretty feminine with fluffy blankets and blossomed furniture and ditto cotton linens. The whole house smelled clean and healthy.

The living room was nice and very tastefully decorated. Small TV and large bookshelf. There was a faded futon with soft plaids and about 50 pillows and teddy beans, without a doubt the favorite dining corner. Close to the wood burning stove. I knew the hook from FaceTime, she is sitting almost every time. She smiled apologetically, I smiled admirably. Our eyes met. We looked long and wide in our eyes. I slid into her arms and scented again to the beautiful woman. We were about as tall. We kissed gently, not foreplay, closer joy by finally being able to feel each other. For a long time we kept each other. Minutes where my hands radiated crave through her sweaters. We noticed each other. I sensed her fingers on my thin blouse. My system was in rebellion, long since I’ve felt like that. As safe as my daughter’s fist and as erotic as a loving lover. I got weak in my knees and warmed in the truss.

But I felt that there was not yet time for it. We finished the embrace with compliments and I told myself how I felt. She radiated relieved satisfaction.

The weather was not right for outdoor stays, so we took a light lunch at the kitchen table. The kitchen was really cozy. Cozy and clean. Tasteful racefund.

We quickly fell into the routine with our long trusted conversations from FaceTime. The lunch came to the dishes, which became a nice cup of coffee. The conversation went on and on. During the dishes we had difficulty keeping ourselves apart. Warm caresses were handed out and loving hugs were given. I was excited about what the next day would bring.
It began to rain sharply. The storm was approaching. The water whipped on the window.

“It’s apparent that we have just returned home to the wood stove,” she laughed.
“It’s a little hard to refuse,” I smiled. I really wanted to go home with this lovely woman.

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She lit the stove and went into the bedroom. The door was squeezing, so I hugged up in the briefcase and followed. I entered the bedroom just as she pulled her sweater over her head. She looked in my eyes and clenched her face.

“I’m just switching to home uniforms,” she said, throwing jeans and stockings. I looked hungry on her soft mature body. Beautiful breasts. Her bright skin was full of summer freaks.

She pulled an old big-shirt over her head and pulled in thick socks. She threw a similar t-shirt over to me and before I got it removed completely from the face hit a pair of socks just in the forehead. We laughed.

She left the bedroom. I dressed up and pulled in the flying garments. Besides the t-shirt, it was huge in advance, it was almost 4 numbers too big. I felt comfortable naked and yet protected dressed. I failed to keep pants on. It’s my pleasure to go naked if she did not like it, the weekend would still be wasted. I hit the hair. Ready for intimate enjoyment with the sweetest person you would like.

I quickly checked the appearance of the mirror and returned to the living room. Hanne had opened a bottle of wine. One of those I had brought.

“Hope you stay tonight. Otherwise you have to go up to the bus, “she said smiling and pouring the glass in full.
” I’m already in my nightwear, “I laughed. I took her in the upper arm, our eyes met. “I’m happy,” I said very seriously, then a smile. She ate my cheek.
“You’re exactly as lovely as I’ve dreamed about,” she said praiseworthy. My body enjoyed her soft hand’s caresses. I just smiled for answers.

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I got up at the cozy place on the futon. She checked the wood stove and crawled smiling at me. She accidentally supported my hand on my thigh, just off the edge of the t-shirt. I felt a few fingers on my bare skin. It gave a delicious ghost throughout my body.

We chewed and continued the conversation from the kitchen. We started under a blanket waiting for the heat from the oven to spread in the cozy living room. We agreed to talk about men. How fucking annoying and how irresistibly lovely they can be. Many laughs, the first bottle of wine was empty now. We opened a new one. The laughs continued, now the conversation about the men’s relationship with their cock. A safe subject.

We lay under the same blanket with our legs. Our bare lower leg clung together. I enjoyed the feeling of feeling her lovely skin. I ate her outside the t-shirt with the back of my hand as she continued the stories of her past. I listened she spoke so vividly.

We had thrown the carpet that was more than pleasantly hot. She had to go to the bathroom. I lay on my stomach and looked through the stove’s window. The fire broke and the daylight was now replaced by cozy lamps and candles. I stayed in the same position when she returned. She lay on the side close to me. She started to eat me on her hair. The heat of touch broke through my body. I spelled like a cool mistake.

“Lovely” I said coolly and turned around the page so we lay and looked in eachother. After an intense moment our lips met. We kissed wet and I felt her hand up the thigh. It stopped for a moment on my little round hip before it moved around and hugged my bale, massage it in intense kneeling roof. It was so nice to have this beautiful woman so close, feel her body’s hunger after me. I just wanted to be close to my lovely friend . Mark her body heat, scent her excitement, bury my hand in her beautiful shapes and taste her mouthwash.

I kept loving her neck and back, her hands searched all over my body under the big T-shirt. She was so welcome and I started going on, drunk with her mouth and her warm skin under my hand. I discovered that she had dropped the truss during the toilet visit. Sensibly. It made her even more delicious. Our eyes met. Her hand had found my chest, she hugged her nose. I sighed deeply.

Her thigh muddled between my thighs and up close to my lap. Her hand hugged my body against her with a good grip on the ass. I scattered my legs motivated. It was nice to feel the soft leg against my gender. I rubbed myself a few times and my thigh got a seat at her lap. Hungry we hugged each other and kissed greedy while we used each other’s thighs to stimulate us. I was vehemently excited by the cozy intimate atmosphere and the good company. I was therefore a bit more ecstatic than her. I closed my eyes, limited my sense of senses. Concentrated only on my enjoyment. Took against her diligent caress and felt her thigh muscles tense at my juicy vulva.

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I gnawed her hatelessly against her. I was just far away and close to goals. The sweat ran out of my body and my mouth came with loud outbursts. Her hands were everywhere on my body. Her tongue tasted my sweat. I was lying on my back, her body was jumping around me, she pushed an avid and clever finger into my juice-dripping kiss. I hiked and moaned at the work of her fingers. She was very good, read my reactions and repeated the touches of good points. I hardly think I’ve been in such a long-lasting ecstasy earlier. I felt two fingers pushed up in me and I could no longer hold it back. The triggering spasms began, my body thanked her for her diligence. I felt weightless and floating. Drunk with lovely sex.

The noise from my mouth was beyond my control. My consciousness was down to the instinct and the nervous. I was gone, the little death had occurred more beautifully than ever before. My whole body was tense, afterwards to give in a nice triggering fainting relaxation. The heat spread throughout my body and a relieved joy bubbled inside. At the sight of her pretty smiling face, my face broke into a big fierce smile. I just had to whine up on that trip. She had an understanding of my immediate needs.
The tshirt I still had was completely emmet to. I took it off with a “puha” and laid me back to her. She was still in socks and tshirt. I was naked as a newborn.

“What can I do for you? “I said laughingly, as I grammed her more targeted and pulled into her clothes. She was wonderful to touch. The slightly padded body, sensibly bumpy and warm soft. Typical red-haired tan with lots of freckles. I admired her beautiful blacked xvideos. Touched her so close that it was almost untrue to only tear.

The t-shirt drew me up over her lovely breasts. She was so sexy. The clear white skin was so inviting and admirable. The soft beautiful body was angry under my caresses gentle touches. I put my mouth on her belly skin and put her hands on her side and kissed me up to her mouth. I glanced at her eyes and caressed her mouth with her fingertips. Her tongue licked curiously and gently on my fingertips through the mouth’s narrow opening.

My attention was directed towards noticing her almost naked body against my. Gently I hugged me between her legs, held her in a cheeky and certain embrace. Required that her mouth opened against mine. Without hesitation we kissed each other vulgarly and eagerly. The hands explored the bodies. What was the pleasure of being in a new person’s vitality and sex drive? She was wonderful and I did my best to satisfy her in an intimate overall experience. I tasted the touches. Would remember how lovely her body felt against my. For lonely moments, the memory could be recalled. Her soft warm skin drunk my senses. Her hands on my body where they belonged.

She began to moan heavily. She needed my satisfactory touches.

My hand struck around her ball and I found her lap under the ball. When I sensitively tickled her outer lap she was sighing heavily into my ear. I squeezed gently on the stuffed swollen bodies and felt her ease of satisfaction. I gently rubbed my fingertip trembling inside and spreading her. Kissed her again. Wet and demanding while I looked her in my eyes. Would see if her reactions were real.

Seconds later I was forced down to her openings. I sat with a heavy tongue around her sanctuary. I felt the woolen socks on her back as she closed my legs. Gently held my head against his lap. She tasted great. Just what you were staring for. Like a vanilla ice cream in the summer heat.

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She began to moan ecstatic. I am very persistent and direct. I’m taking over. I decide and I keep on until she is tired of coming. She gets more moist and I drink dry of her body’s fluids. She draws me very close. Almost deprives me of the life-giving air. She is unconscious that she suffers me and I am pretty hard when I firmly determine the direction of her body. My stubbornness causes her to come with a violently shaking shaking. But I keep on going. With a fixed hand I hold on and giggles with her driving lap. She tries to twist herself, but she does not succeed.

I will not let go when she roars again. She seems satisfied, very satisfied and I am pleased to feel her relaxing body. We smile sweet and kisses gently. I still taste her lap, but, of course, she returns my kiss. I take care of her body and I will not let go again.

We lie down and look into the dying glow. Holding her body under her blanket, her beautiful, beautiful body. We lie silent and feel each other. I will melt with her body while sleep overwhelms us for a while. I lie behind her and my hands hold her handsome body while I am unreasonably using her ass to caress myself.

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I must have fallen asleep for a while. Wakes up silently by lying down and enjoying her own caresses. Moaning excitedly, her hand is buried in her lap. I’m considering whether I’m going to be the famous fly on the wall while she comes by her own. While I’m considering, I notice her free hand discovering my shot. I spread her legs and feel her fingers buried in my can. I’m gidding soon of joy and can no longer ignore my desire to give her again.

I start by napping the chest nuts. She pulls herself together, again she turns on dominance and I sense a pattern. I force her to lie on her belly with one hand and bury my other hand in her lap from behind. She twists in libel. My fingers gnaw her dune eagerly. I rub my own light against the back of her one thigh. The sight of her bare back and numb makes me feel crazy outside control. I fix her therefore and rush to ecstasy on her bright skin.

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This is love story of two boys Amit and Lalit. Since childhood, they love each other. His love has so far reached the limit that Amit is now ready to become the wife of Lalit. Read this love story of this couple …
There is a case of marriage by two gay youths in Sarason village, Almora. Both claim that they had married six years ago and since then they live together.

In this, a young man has decided to become a girl through the operation. For this, he is also in touch with doctors. The young man who is going to become a girl has said that if the house does not accept them, then they will leave the village and go somewhere else.

During the 11th class between the Lalit Kumar Arya (Vicky) and his childhood companion Amit Kumar Arya, living in nearby neighboring Sarason village, had become very close.

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Both told that they studied in GIC Almora in childhood and the school used to come and go as well. If you grew up, then with BA and MA (Private) studies as well. Amit helped a lot in Lalit’s studies. Gradually, the two came so close that they decided to spend the entire life like a husband and wife.

According to Lalit and Amit, the intensity of both of them had increased so much that they also got married on October 28, 2011. Amit said that the marriage was at the house of Lalit and only he was both in marriage. After that both of them took the oath of spending the whole life in the Goddess Bhagwati temple.

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Since then, both of them live together. Lalit is 31 years old and Amit has 26 years. Lalit works as Seasonal Worker in the Forest Department, while Amit State Health Center is working at Ward Boy’s post in Banathok.

Amit told in an interview with Amar Ujala that both of them spoke about their marriage about three months ago, but the house is against this marriage. The family is not in the mood to accept the marriage of both of them at any event.

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As Amit, he has decided to become a girl through operation in the future. For this, he has also recently devoured certain medicines of hormones, which has changed his voice.

Amit also told that he is in touch with some doctors in Delhi to change sex. Amit said that after the operation, he will also do court marriages. He said that if both the people of the house did not accept them then they would shift out of here.

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Even though the sun is shining, it’s quite cool to stand here and wait for him. I stand at the corner at the cafeteria and shoot me in the spring wind. At my feet is my well-packed in xvideos, packed clothes for a week and also what I think I need on my trip down to Bavaria. There lives my mother’s side of the family and sometimes I take a little away from everything at home and let the grandmother spoil me like when I was a girl.

I’m looking around at the resting place. Here are passenger cars of all sizes and coaches filled with retired people, but it’s not those who care about me. These are the big trucks that occupy an area. I’m not sure I can recognize his truck based on the description. Also, I’m not sure I can recognize him, even though we’ve chatted some online and I’ve seen pictures of him.

Actually, it started like a crazy idea one evening we had a good chat. He told him he would not be online so much this spring because he had some trips to Italy. I told myself that my family and I occasionally drove down and visited grandmother when I was little so I knew a bit about driving a long way. He suggested we could drive together if I wanted a cheap lift, I held him. Tried to find out if there was more for him if he was hoping for something more than pleasant while on the road. A few weeks later, we chatted again about the subject and he assured me that all I have to do for the trip is ample coffee and coke. It explains the Net bag with four of the big bottles of coke and two packs of Gevalia beside my this xvideos.

I’m so small by giving him a close eye. Actually, this is too crazy. Believe me, just wait passively and hope he’ll spot me. At least I’m in the right place. Digging my phone up the jacket, no, there are no new messages. Instead, I write a message to mom. Tell me I’m leaving now and wish her and my daughter a good week together. They should look really nice as they usually do.
“Oh, hello,” sounds a voice asking obliquely behind yes.
“Yes,” I answer and turn his head.
“Yes, it’s you,” he laughs.
“Yes, who should I be,” I answer and smile.


“Are you ready to drive,” he asks. He seems shy.
“Yes, as clear as you can stay,” I answer,
“Ah, I will not take it,” he asks.
“You can take the bag,” I answer and swing the xvideos’s strap on the shoulder.
“Get up, did you empty the store,” he asks and laughs gently as he takes the net bag.
“Coffee and Coke as agreed”, I smile and look around.
“You could have been waiting for the border, much cheaper,” he says.
“And that’s what you’re saying first now,” I’m boring.
“Oh, yes, sorry,” he answers, looking down.
“Go, where are we going?” I ask.
“This way,” he answers and begins to cross the parking lots.

I follow the heels on him. The bagger knives in his shoulder, but he does not think I need a man to carry my luggage. He otherwise seems to be in good shape and is higher than I thought. I’m almost as tall as many men. It irritated me especially when I was a teenager. Seemed, I was a prayer stage and without forms. It helped a little with the shapes that I became a mother, but it’s never been so good. Was also shown a little boy girl. That’s enough to compensate for it, I’m making a part of my hair and making it long and feminine.

For a long time, we reach a big scrum of a truck. It almost turns over us. I’m glad I will not control that dims. He walks up and doing sex in xvideos on the passenger side. First, I think he will keep it crazy, but he just crawls up in the cab. I do not know if I’m disappointed or relieved. No galanteries and hidden agendas are fine, a little courtesy would be nice. Well, sweetie, he’s nice to take me with you. Inside the cab he turns to me.
“Do you straighten me the bag,” he asks and stretches my hand toward me.
“Jeps,” I answer, trying not to look for the trouble by lifting my heavy bag up to him.

He smiles a bit boring, but does not say anything. Well. As he puts my bag behind the seats somewhere, I climb up the cab. Dude man sitting high in here. Far higher than I am used to from cars. I slam the cab’s door after me, take the place to the far right and span the seat belt. He takes room behind the wheel, looks at me for a moment, but does not comment on anything.
“Well, so, here we go,” he says, starting the engine.
“Jepper”, I answer more kiss than I feel.

Slowly we leave the parking lot, drive out of the rest area and out on the highway south. I’m a little nervous the first few minutes. This car is huge, but he lets the garden completely control how to drive it. And why should not he really, I think. I know him well enough from the chat to know that he has run this scream many times before.

I gradually relax. The monotonous engine of the engine is calming and my thoughts begin to fly. Actually, it is strange to drive far away from everything you know and to do with a stranger. Okay, he’s not alright, but nevertheless. Father would kill me, he knew it’s like this, I’m coming to Bavaria. Therefore, I have not told anyone that I’m driving here. God yes If something happens, nobody knows where I am! A short sting of panic and guilt lambs my brain. Why is he also so still? We would probably be able to mess over the chat. Ah, now I’ll be nice too. No one says he is a suicide or rapist. It’s nice of him to take me!
I cut over to him. His bright hair is a bit longer than his pictures. His hands are quietly on the steering wheel, he looks relaxed and looking out of the windshield as you can only do it after doing it for many consecutive hours and knowing that you have to do it many hours yet.
“Well, but when is the first stop,” I ask to break the ice.
“About four hours of time,” he replied after jumping to the dashboard.
“Cool” I answer and nod too much.
“Why are you going to pee?” He asks.
“What? No, then,” I do not completely answer and want to go away from topics about my body functions.

“Good. You learn to get it done when you can,” he answers.
“Cool. Okay. Something almost thought, there was a bathroom in this one”,
“Almost. Here’s a shower, if you want to, but it’s not fun while driving,” he laughs quietly.
“Haha. No, I can imagine”, I answer and look. We also do not talk about bathing!
“And fridge and coffee maker”, he smiles and chops to me.
“Good. Do you want anything to drink?” I remember my promises and ask.
“No thanks. You’ll need to get around in the bucket here at the next stop,” he answers.
“Okay,” I smile, looking out on the highway that goes under us.

Time does not feel as long as I had feared. When you just sit there passively and glorious, time becomes something else. Almost like a drows you just wait to end. I wake up with the drowsiness knowing that he turns from the highway. The rest area is like rest places are. We are snapping us to a truck lorry, our truck stops with a sigh and he turns off the engine.

“Three-quarter break,” he says, taking the ignition key.
“Okay, now I’m going to pee”, I smile shyly.
“The building over there. We can be followed,” he answers, pointing to a low-rise building with small windows high above a flat roof.
“Nice,” I smile, in xvideos and crawls down from the cab.

It is nice to stretch your legs and back after driving. I’m not used to sitting this for several hours and many hours await ahead. In the ladies’ toilet I get ready what I’m going to do. Washing hands afterwards, adjusts the hair in the mirror and sends me an encouraging smile.

I’m going a little detour back to the truck, he’s already there. He looks at me and smiles. It is now a pretty smile, I think and feel less stressed.
“Then there’s a tour,” he says, because I’m almost by him.
“Nice,” I smile as wide as I can.

He shows me the fridge and the coffee machine in the cab. Both have always been in my eyes so I feel a little stupid and silly not to have caught sight of themselves. I put a bottle of coke on the fridge and put a bag of coffee forward. He shows me the shower cubicle and his hammock.
“Unfortunately, here’s only one,” he says apologetic and clap the mattress.
“No problem. I’ll take the seat in front, if that,” I smile. That’s how we agreed, it should be.
“Here are at least enough pillows and blankets”, he smiles lightly and opens a closet.
“We’ll do that,” I smile.
“By the way, do not put on harness for my sake as we drive,” he says.
“Real,” I ask and look doubtful.
“I’m not driving wrong and we have to sit here for a long time,” he explains.
“Hmmm, good point,” I laugh calmly.
“Make it a little enjoyable. Okay,” he smiles and looks in my eyes.
“Should I try to remember if it is”, I smile and look away.

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Out of the highway again I think about what he meant to make me comfortable. There were not necessarily undertones in it. And he is right. We must drive a long way. We might as well try to relax and enjoy ourselves a little while on our trip. I decide to remove the seat belt and throw my clothes.
“Sorry, sure toes”, I laugh, as I feel a new smell in the cabin.
“Pyh ha,” he grins and laughs.
“What! I can take them back again”,
“You can go and have a bath,” he chills back.
“Well, how are you?” I answer and play offended.
“I could not see anything,” he answers.
“Does not it look like a rearview mirror,” I point and brush.
“Argh, the veil,” he laughs.


“Hmmm. You have to live with my toes as they are,” I answer and laugh with.
“Lovely toes,” he says, cutting shortly to my feet.
“Thank you. We can calm the smell with the smell of coffee,” I suggest.
“Good idea, there’s biscuits down there,” he answers, pointing to a door.

With difficulty I put coffee over. Not quite easy when driving and there is not a lot of kitchen space. Finds biscuits and handles coffee in mugs from another closet.
“Good coffee,” he nods after having the tip of the steamy drink.
“Thank you,” I smile and am a little happy for his praise.
“Do you often have passengers?” I ask.
“At least nobody makes such good coffee,” he answers.
“But otherwise,” I ask and enjoy his compliment.
“Not quite often, but now it’s nice,” he replied, pulling his shoulders.
“Yes, that’s very nice,” I try to hold on to the conversation.
“Definitely yes,” he answers absent. He will not let go.
“Men or women,” I ask.

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“What?” He asks. Now I have his attention.
“Those you’ve had with,” I ask.
“Both and”, he answers.
“Okay. And it’s going to figure out,” I ask.
“What do you mean,” he asks.
“Therefore, girls have a little more need for private life on a trip,” I answer.
“Do you want to be alone,” he asks.
“What? No, not the way I meant,” I laugh at disarmingly.
“What did you mean then?” He asks.
“It’s just, so you know,” I answer dodgingly.
“No, I do not know,” he smiles sharply.
“So, I’m not kidding next to you, well,” I laugh.
“We can then try at the next stop,” he replies.
“Haha! Næh!” I answer and give his shoulder a fist.
“Do not hit the driver. We’re driving wrong,” he answers and shaves down to his shoulder.

“Heavy with you,” he answers and chops to my jean-tight legs.
“Men”, I’m sighing high and kissing my nose.

It’s getting dark outside. We have kept another rest on another resting place and weeping each other separately. I have picked up a blanket and my book with the front, the sweatshirt I left in the xvideos porn.  Here is a comfortable cock in the cab. Coffee I can not drink more of, a half-empty glass of coke is in the holder for the purpose. Has threw the sour socks and pulled my legs underneath me and laid blanket over my legs. I am about to be quite drowsy, but trying to read in the book.
“What are you reading”, he asks for a while.
“A book by my favorite author”, I answer.
“Who is that?” He asks.
“Paolo Coelho,” I answer.

“My teacher once said that men only read professional literature and porn movies,” I murmured.
“What?” He asks.
“That men do not read something like this,” I say loudly and laughs.
“I heard you well, what is the book about?” He asks and laughs.
“Oh, just a good story,” I reply, as I find out, I do not want to say it.
“Tell him,” he insists.
“Narh. It’s alright”, I try to escape.
“Well, I want to know,” he stays on.
“Yes. No.” I try to get rid of the conversation.
“Come on with the language,” he demanded.
“Oh, okay. So it’s about a girl from South America moving to Europe”, I answer.


“And,” he asks.
“But she must do it herself,” I answer.
“How,” he continues.
“Well, bye earning money and so,” I answer.
“How does she do that?” He asks.
“Nice”, I avoid and pretend I concentrate on the book.
“What does she do then,” he asks.
“Buns,” I sigh, blush and laugh.
“What!” He asks and blocks his eyes.
“She ears. Going to bed with men, and getting a wealth of benefits,” I chuckle in the bear.
“And you’re reading that,” he murmured.
“Oh yes,” I blush and look away.
“Are there many sex scenes,” he asks for an embarrassing break.
“Oh, a part,” I murmur.

“When I finish it,” I answer.
“You think it’s a good book, yes, thank you,” he answers.
“Yes, it’s okay, and Coelho has also won the Nobel Prize,” I answer and embarrass what I’ve just acknowledged.

A little later I am embarrassed that I have reached another sex scene. One where the protagonist is with a lover she enjoys. I decide to stop reading here. It feels strange to read about sex with him so close. Not uncomfortable, but strange and strange cross-border, though he can not see what I’m exactly reading about. I put a bookmark in the book, clap it together. and put it in the windscreen. Stretching me and gaber is actually pretty tired now. He cares for me.
“You must be well, it’s a good deal yet,
“Thank you,” I murmured, pulling the rug over her shoulders.
“Do you take a nap. That’s OK,” he says soothingly.
“Thank you very much,” I answer low and decide, I dare to lie down and relax.

Alternately, I sleep and sleep halfway. The sound of the engine is actually quite calming. I have put my head close to him, he must not have my sore toes too close. When can you really get a bath?

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Have just slept a little, but is waking up. One or another got me awake. The engine buzzes like all the time, it can not be it. I keep my eyes closed and try to sleep again. Hoof! It was again. Something strikes my child. It’s not uncomfortable. Do not actually delete and really fit very well that I die. Hi wait! It’s his fingertips and there they were again! I’m stiff for a moment, just getting up, but relaxing. I do not want to wake up completely and furthermore it feels strange. There are the fingers again. Mmmm, that’s really nice. I smile without opening my eyes. The fingers get just below my ear and sniff my neck at the hairline. It feels really nice on top of a long day and no harm has taken place. I smile again and try to fall asleep. He smells nice by the way.

Something is completely different next time I wake up. I immediately know what it is: The sound of the engine is gone. And your fingers. They have moved to my shoulder, he has pulled my t-shirts sleeve up and draws circles on my skin on my shoulder.
“Mmmm, good morning,” I murmured, stretches my back and opens my eyes.
“Ah morning,” he hugs, hurrying my book.

“What did you think and read my book?” I smile lazy to him.
“Oh yes, sorry,” he replied, looking out of the groin.
“Do not do anything.” Yes, I reassure.
“Oh yes,” he says, losing his eyes.
“Oh, you saw it,” I murmured and looked up at him.
“It’s the power of sperm,” he replies.
“Would you like to read something like that,” he says.
“It’s weird,” I murm and move my shoulders, he’s cheering.
“The book or” he asks.


“Both parts”, I spin.
“Really,” he asks and aer my shoulder with the whole palm.
“Yes, read a little to me”, answer and lie better.
“Øhm, where you’re at,” he asks.
“Yes, thank you,” I mutter and close my eyes.
“Safe,” he asks after turning up where I am reached.
“Absolutely sure,” I answer and close my eyes in xvideos.

He begins to read aloud from the pretty hot sex scene I’ve reached. He hesitates for the first time, reaches a particularly cheeky word, but gradually he reads fluently. The scene is actually delicious. He stops when I almost dodge it, dumbly takes his hand from my shoulder and pulls it down to my one breast. I only do that because it feels like the only thing to do. He is not long to get together and read on, while hesitantly caressing my chest. His hand, all day, has been so quiet on the steering wheel, shaking a little, but it feels nice warm through the t-shirt fabric. Soon a finger of my raised wart will circle.

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